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It's been a wild ride - and now we're back where we started!

In 1991, CREW started as a validation company completing testing, document management, calibration and validation projects for pharmaceutical companies.  While still providing those services we expanded our expertise in 2005 and began designing and installing the types of intelligent systems that we have validated and commissioned for so many years (telecommunication, fire and security, automated processes, building management, etc.) 


With the downturn in the economy in 2008, we began bidding and performing all available electrical work and expanded into a full service electrical contracting company.  We also expanded our document management services to include all types of technical writing projects (training manuals, procedures, maintenance manuals, user manuals, etc.). Thus, for many years our workforce was comprised of a mix of union electricians, technical writers and engineers. Then in May of 2018, we sold our electrical division to Electric Plus, while retaining the Technical Services side of the business.  So, we have now come full circle and are back to focusing on providing all types of technical writing and document management services.

The CREW acronym was originally created for fun. When the company surprisingly became a success, the acronym was changed for professionalism.
So what was the original acronym?


Contract Resource Engineering Wizards

*Photo taken by Indianapolis Business Journal © 1997

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