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CREW believes employees who are able to put their family first perform better and bring a positive influence to their work. To help meet these needs, CREW maintains a strong family friendly attitude. CREW employees also have the benefit of experiencing several diverse elements of their position to promote a broader skill set and problem solving demeanor.

Technical Writers:
Ability to write about software, machines, or processes, taking the complex information garnered from the SME’s and writing in terminology the layman can understand. Must be proficient in MS Office products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio.


Validation Specialist:
Detail oriented and able to read complex documents relating to software, systems, processes or machines. Will be following the current process to ensure technical documents match perfectly with what is actually taking place. Discrepancies will be reported to the appropriate area for further analysis and correction. Good communication skills needed.


CREW may not always post specific positions, but please feel free to submit your resume if you feel you have the appropriate skills to contribute to our team. 
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