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CREW has been very fortunate to work aside several large companies over the years, and with the work is the opportunity to create innovative business solutions. Through our listed case studies, you may see some of our implemented practices for our Technical Writing side to better evaluate if our services will best serve you.

A large pharmaceutical needed additional professionals with validation, and equipment maintenance support experience to supplement their downsized staff...(Continue Reading)

A large building products company needed someone to implement standardized label specifications that would ensure proper branding...(Continue Reading)

A large pharmaceutical needed a team of professionals with validation experience to develop remediation validation documents for all the computer systems in a production area...(Continue Reading) 

A large commercial reality group needed a user guide and training program developed for their property management software...(Continue Reading)

A large pharmaceutical needed professionals with computer system validation experience to provide validation documentation for a computer system validation remediation project...(Continue Reading)

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